Distorted Thinking

I need to correct my distorted thinking. Next time I have a panic attack I don’t want to start thinking I am dying. Now that I am not in the middle of a panic attack I know they are not life-threatening. But how do I get my thinking trained to interpret my shortness of breath and pounding heart in a less scary way?

My CBT therapist tells me I can train my thinking, just like I can train my body to ride a bike or play tennis. Working on catching myself as I let my emotions distort my thinking is a first step. A second step is to get used to having a rational approach to any physical symptom, in particular during a panic attack.

This Thought Challenge exercise is like the second part of a Thought Record. I’ve selected the scariest negative thought from my Stress Log to challenge.

Panic Attack Thought Challenge

Correcting distorted thinking during panic attacks

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