A cognitive therapist?

My eldest son, Tim, stopped by last night. It seems my wife talked to him. “We are all concerned about you, dad”, he said, “Talk to somebody”.

I have to admit I am not getting better and I might need help getting out of this hole. But I am not going to just talk to a stranger about my personal problems.

I’ve been seraching online about different types of psychotherapy approaches. It seems that what is called “cognitive therapy” might make the most sense for me.

I have noticed that I tend to feel the worst when I am thinking very negatively. It’s not a coincidence that I feel the most depressed and drained of all energy when I am thinking stuff like “I am a loser”, “I will never find a job” or “I’ve failed my wife”.

Well, it seems that cognitive therapy focuses on finding out how thinking patterns affect your mood and changing or challenging negative thoughts could treat depression. I am not sure how anybody can help me think differently, but if I keep seeing things the way I’m seeing them now I will only get more depressed.
I’ve decided I need to find a cognitive therapist.