A Running Stream of Negative Thoughts – Unemployed and Hopeless

While searching for jobs online, I was barely aware of the running stream of negative thoughts in my mind.

I’ve spent hours a day looking for employment online and trying to improve my CV. I remember many years ago looking for jobs (on the newspaper back then) I used to feel good about it. Why is it now such a terrible experience?

Most of the time I spend searching for jobs online I feel down and frustrated. Sometimes I have to stop just because I can’t stand my frustration any longer.

My therapist told me that many times the thoughts that bring the most negative emotions  happen at a subconscious level, but can usually be brought to consciousness easily. He helped me identify these thoughts by asking what I was thinking or assuming about myself and the situation when I was feeling distress. Here’s the Stress Log exercise I did:

For more examples on how to use Stress Log exercises visit the CBT Examples website.