Am I a Loser?

I’ve realized that thinking I am a loser plays a big role in me feeling so depressed.

I understand now that one cannot just say things like “I feel like a loser”. It doesn’t get you anywhere. How do losers feel anyway? Feeling like a loser needs to be more¬†accurately¬†described. I think I am a loser. Yes, a total loser. And knowing that I am such a big loser makes me feel tremendously sad and disgusted with myself.

My therapist tells me that this is an automatic negative thought that I need to challenge.

She is not telling me to just think positively. She is not denying I am a loser. She is simply saying that I need to make sure such a powerful statement is actually right. What would be the point of telling to myself all the time that I am such a big loser if it wasn’t true? Self-punishment? I surely don’t need that right now.

She recommended I do the exercise I have attached here. It is a “Thought Challenge”.

I chose to challenge the negative thought “I am a loser” because it was clearly the thought that was causing the deepest negative emotions in my First Stress Log.

I first came up with some reasons for why I believe I am a loser. Then I tried to write down some reasons why I might not be a loser. Then I finished by coming up with a more balanced statement.
I agree that I would never feel so extremely depressed if every time I say to myself “I am a loser”, I could, instead, tell myself something more neutral. Here’s the more balanced thought I came up with: “I’ve had some success in life, some mistakes. Right now I’m going through a rough moment, but it’s up to me to make the most of it.”

You can learn more about Thought Challenge by visiting MindQuire.


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